Paul Greene Wireless: The Characteristics of a Great Customer Service Rep

There are certain qualities that shine through in every successful customer service representative. It is these qualities that Paul Greene Wireless looks for when he is seeking an employee, primarily due to his desire to be the best customer service company in the wireless industry. He knows how valuable great customer service is, and that the right staff helps to set your company apart from the herd.

Here are several of the qualities Paul Greene Wireless looks for in a customer service representative.


The first thing a customer service rep must have, says Paul Greene Wireless, is a friendly demeanor. The inability to be friendly and congenial with your customers, as he knows, is a major red flag for your business, and will in no way inspire repeat business. A friendly voice and attitude is essential to creating a more memorable customer experience.


Customer service reps, as he knows, must always be honest and straightforward with customers. This is the best way, says Paul Greene Wireless, to demonstrate your respect for the customer, and to show that you have genuine concern for their needs. Be honest with the information you have, about your company’s capabilities to handle the problem, and the steps you are taking to solve it.

Can-Do Attitude

No matter the size or scope of the problem, says Paul Greene Wireless, a customer service rep must take a can-do approach to finding a solution. Exhibiting to the customer your ability and will to deliver a solution enhances potential for repeat business, shows you care, and leaves an indelibly positive impression.


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