Paul Greene Wireless, an Entrepreneur’s reflections on starting, growing and running a successful business in America

Paul Greene Wireless and Cintex Wireless are both results of the driving entrepreneurial spirit of Paul Greene.  Paul Greene began his career in business as the founder of an innovative consumer products distribution company. Building on his experience from that endeavor, Paul Greene Wireless was created as a subsequent business focused on wholesale procurement and fulfillment of wireless handsets for mobile virtual network operators.

Two of Paul’s driving philosophies in business have been to always keep learning and to move quickly in business to capitalize upon what you have learned. Paul Greene Wireless might not have originated at all had Paul gotten himself bogged down in writing a formal business plan. Paul Greene Wireless was created in direct response to a market need he identified while running his consumer products Distribution Company. Paul felt confident he didn’t need to waste time writing out a detailed business plan; rather he needed to get into the market and start offering products as Paul Greene Wireless. Once Paul had the luxury of customers, he also had the luxury of being able to better plan his business.

Another core mission of Paul Greene Wireless, aside from always providing excellent customer service, is commitment to team development. Paul Greene Wireless never forgets that its most valuable asset walks out the door every day. Treating team members like the VIPs they truly are and investing resources into professional development has always resulted in a great return on investment for Paul Greene Wireless. Paul Greene knows that his success in business has in large part been predicated on the great support his team provides.


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